About us

The Sutton Tennis Academy Performance Programme has a vision to provide a clear and open pathway to develop the tennis players of tomorrow.  Our proven record in developing high performing junior and senior tennis players has created a Sutton legacy that includes national champions, senior WTA and ATP ranked players, GB representatives, ITF champions and US/UK University scholars. Our goal is to develop a culture and provide a programme for National and International standard players, all the way through the ages. We are ambitious to develop and attract High Performance players in the programme. 
The Performance Programme believes in a Team Environment, where all players can train alongside each other, with a sense of togetherness, whilst pushing and pulling each other along.
Within our Team Environment, the Individual Development of each player is at the forefront.  No player is placed above or below another and the only hierarchy is one based on merit.
Within the training delivery we focus on the player’s individual game development goals and the STA Fundamentals of creating Dynamic Defenders, Brave Attackers and Smart Servers and Returners.
  • We provide a planned, quality training programme.
  • We pride ourselves on the relationships between players, parents and coaches.
  • We have a Goal Setting process which aids game development and builds relationships.
  • We have a philosophy called ‘REPRESENT’ which is led by the Sports Psychology team.  
  • We have a dedicated S&C team that create the opportunity for tennis players to reach their physical potential.  
To achieve the goals of the Performance Programme, to create the right environment and to allow each individual to develop we focus on the process of what we do, and we believe winning is the result…
We are dedicated to attending and working with players whilst they are away competing at various events.  We see this as a valuable part of a high level tennis players journey to achieve their goals.
Our integrated team of experts work closely together to ensure that what we believe in lives day to day.
Meet the team:
STA Tennis Manager:
Mhari Neish 
STA Tennis and Education Officer:
Carole Heritage 
STA Tennis Administrator:
Sandra Channon 
STA Head Coach
Shaun Malcolm
STA  Head of Performance:
Jamie Feaver
STA  Senior Academy Coach:
Thom Lavis
STA Senior Academy Coach:
STA Senior Academy Coach:
Craig Veal 
STA Head of Sport Psychology:
Lerissa Graham
STA Head of S&C:
Performance Pathway
At Sutton Tennis Academy we are committed to providing a great experience at all stages of the tennis journey.  We are passionate about growing the game and our tennis community to then nurturing that talent and helping players realise their potential.  This aspirational pathway allows hard working and ambitious individuals to train alongside each other and continue the STA leagacy. 
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