14+ Performance Programme

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As players move into the 14+ age group within the Performance Programme, the training shifts.  At 10-13 we focus on the players need to learn skills for all game styles, and at 14+ we focus on developing and improving individual game styles.

Our programme includes the following:
  • Quality, planned tennis and physical development sessions. Within the training delivery we focus on the player’s individual game development goals and the STA Fundamentals of creating Dynamic Defenders, Brave Attackers and Smart Servers and Returners.
  • We have a dedicated S&C team that create the opportunity for tennis players to reach their physical potential.  
  • Integrated mental development from our Sport Psychology team instilling the values of REPRESENT
  • Options for individual coaching
  • Goal-setting and tournament scheduling
  • Termly development reviews with player and parent
  • Pre-competition training camps
  • Coach support at selected tournaments  
  • Parent Support Workshops
The Performance Programme provides for players in a variety of different situations.
The Sutton Tennis Academy Performance Programme also works with the LTA, as one of the UK’s identified centres, to deliver the AASE scheme (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence).
The programme is aimed at players aged between 16 to 18 years old and provides a clear professional pathway for young players to become professional players, coaches and other tennis professionals, whilst gaining qualifications.
If you are interested in joining the STA Performance Programme, please contact carole.heritage@gll.org for more infomation or call Carole on 020 8641 6611!