Current Players

Nationally Ranked Junior Boys:

Brandon Murphy
Ranked 4th nationally for Under 14s, ETA - 912

Brandon has been a consistent National level player since he started competing in Under 10 tournaments. Since beginning to train intensively alongside other high performance players at STA, Brandon has attracted attention from the LTA's National coaching team.

Brandon has a Tennis Europe ranking of 219, with a goal to be inside the top 50 by the end of the year. Recent tournament highlights for Brandon include making it to the quarter-finals in the Tennis Europe Edgbaston tournament, representing teen tennis in Bolton, making the second round of the prestigious Les Petit As Tarbes tournament in France, and reaching the semi-finals of Winter Nationals representing Great Britain.

Brandon is a player who strikes the ball with incredible racquet head speed. His focus currently lies in building the physical attributes of a full-time tennis player and developing his skills to attack and change the tempo of a rally.

Emile Hudd
Ranked 40th nationally for Under 14s, ETA - 227

Nationally Ranked Junior Girls:
Jodie Lawrence-Taylor
Ranked 6th nationally for Under 14s, ETA - 462

Gemma Heath
Ranked 2nd nationally for Under 12s, ranked 22nd nationally for Under 14s, ETA - 781